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Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control in Abu Dhabi

Cockroaches are the number one pest in homes or other buildings in UAE. They have successfully adapted to living wherever people live and are common on ships, in warehouses, restaurants, stores, apartments, offices, hotels and one-family dwellings. In fact, cockroaches are often the first occupant in a new building. They are normally treated by spraying or gel method.

There are two methods : first by using the substance gel like substance in which like putty granular insecticide when approaching them as soon as the insect taste her die a harmless substance and do not smell it there is no need to evacuate the place when control and continue its effectiveness / 6 / months in the absence of any means.

Second method : Second : using the material ( spry ), a chemical liquid and sticky is mixed with water by certain percentages sprayed a spray by hand pumps or mechanism is sprayed place and this article kills the insect directly, and keeps the track in the absence of wash or rinse place before / 3 – to – 4 /hours.

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Pest Control Services - Cockroach Control

National Emirates Cockroach Control UAE

Cockroaches are one of the most infuriating type of the pests. Generally, the roaches can be found in filthy, dark and damp places. They make their shelter around your property and feed anything. Cockroaches can cause a serious health problem to you as well as your family members because of their dirty habits. You can find different types of roaches at different places in the UAE. They choose the place as per their suitable environment.    

National Emirates, a pest control service provider in Abu Dhabi, has many years in a specific field. We have different types of treatments to make your property cockroach free. We select the treatment by analyzing the infection level and the infected place. Our qualified staff also checks for future infestation after the complete cockroach control treatment.

Managing cockroaches is not easy. The first thing to do is to determine where the roaches are located. The more hiding places are located and managed, the more successful the control program will be. Some locations may be difficult to get to. Reduction of food and water sources and hiding places is essential. If cockroaches have access to food, baits (which are a primary control tool) have limited effect and sprays alone will not eliminate cockroaches.

It’s not an easy task to manage the cockroaches. First, we determine the places from where the roaches are coming. We try to find their all the hiding places so we can run the cockroach control program successfully. We reduce the food and water supply nearer their hiding places so they can come in open places and we can catch them.

The Cockroach Control Treatments in Abu Dhabi

  • Spraying: We know this is not the permanent solution to prevent the roaches. But this is the quick and temporary form to get rid of roaches at initial level. Sometimes with this method, they disperse to the other areas of the building, from where they can return anytime. So we use organic pesticides to clean them from their roots. We spray in all their hiding places to make your home pest free. Drainage manholes are the place where most of the cockroaches make their shelter, so we spray inside those holes to provide you the complete cockroach cleaning in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.
  • Baiting: These products generally available as pastes or gels. They are used to treat cockroach infestations. This process is good enough to make your property free from roaches. You need to keep patience in this treatment as it takes 5 days or longer to provide the results. This method is effective for long-term cockroach control.


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